I know it has been a while sense I have sent out scores. I can only send out information that I have….

Anyway here are the scores…..


N. Robson                                                    118-11

R. Hornum                                                   117-7

J. Boyes                                                        115-3

J. Whitfield                                                  110-5

B. Lemmon                                                  107-3

W. Ryan                                                            104-1

E. Wishart                                                        103-2

F Class Standard

C. Collier                                                              105-4

M. Collier    1 application                               47

 Target Rifle

P. Polden                                                             90-4

K. March                                                              72

F Class Open

B. Piper                                                                110-6

B. Whitfield                                                        104