Geraldton Greenough Rifle Club

and Sponsers

Batavia Coast Firearms


Tackleworld Country

will be holding a shooting competition to be held over 3 Sunday mornings

26th May,
16th June,
30th June

at a range of 300 meters (9:00am to 12:00pm) on electronic scoring targets at the Geraldton Greenough Rifle Club.

Best single score over the 3 days wins.

1st, 2nd, 3rd places win money.

Entry $30 and $5 per 10 shot application.

Shoot as many times as you like!

Bring your mates and see whos the better shot.

Factory ammunition only, purchased from either sponsor with receipt to be shown.

Rifles need to be zeroed at the range prior to start.

Sporting rifles only (No rail guns, target rifles, or F Class rifles), up to 8mm cal.

Firearm must be licensed to the shooter.

Bipods, sandbags and pedestal rests OK.

Members of the “WARA” are excluded.

More information please contact,

Neal Robson at Mach 1 4×4
Ashley Norwood at Tackleworld Country or call 0428870187, WK 08 99216822